There are so many reasons to be sad today right? You might be in that certain stage in your life where you cannot see any reason to smile at all. I just thought random, how about when you get whiter, cleaner, and brighter teeth, isn’t it addicting to smile and see yourself in the mirror? Perhaps yes. It might help eh? Just kidding. It is half meant though. Why not go get some teeth whitening today.

If you are feeling depressed today, I believe that you will not be forever sad and helpless. All people in the world have problems, some even have worse than yours. Some just lost a loved one, no money at all, cannot go to school, lost a certain part of the body because of accident, got pregnant and did not want it, lost a job, got a news that he has cancer, received a death threat, a broke bread winner, and others. If you just realize how others are having a bad day, you will be thankful that it is just your problem. If I were you, I will go run at least a mile and see the beauty of the nature outside or play some sports, see some friends and have fun, but hey, without sinning. Do not let yourself fall into some stuffs that you will let you pay worse consequences later.

Ultimately, you have a sovereign God who is looking at you from somewhere. He can be in control of everything but some things are just the consequences of our bad choices. He gave us all freewill but most of us are not wise in using this. You have another chance to make it through. Just surrender it to God and let Him shine on you.