Of course not all will remain as good as the original. You had baby teeth, and normal teeth, and they were quite strong and white before. But now that you are old, you notice that they become dingier and dirtier. Do not worry because there are remedies. Just be patient with engaging in the processes.

Bleaching is one way to whiten the teeth. Nonetheless, it is important that you have a good dentist who will assist you with this. Investigate new dental work like veneers or bonding.

As we age, the tooth enamel’s outer layer is worn away. The dentin underneath becomes yellower. It is then important to get rid of staining of your teeth. This is especially true after whitening. Some foods that you may need to get rid of are coffee, sports drink, soda, candies, and others that can leave color to your tongue and teeth.

Anyway, these foods do not just ruin your teeth but can harm your body as they get their way down to your stomach and your whole system. Smoking is the number one enemy here. Tobacco leaves a brown stain that penetrate the grooves and pits of tooth enamel. You see, this villain gets through the root and it will be really hard to remove by brushing alone. Aside from dark teeth, smoking can lead to gingivitis or simply bad breath also. This is disgusting. Get rid of cigarettes then. Do not wait until you are very very old until you realize this. Stop it today.

If you want to have an instant white teeth, cosmetic dentistry has a way to give it to you. Make sure that you go to a good one like Pure Smile
in Australia. They can give you a natural way of having the teeth whitened and it will take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the case of your teeth. Note that this is not for all. Kids below 14 are not allowed and pregnant women also are prohibited to take the process.